Nearly 20% of our population have a disability and they of course shop with their friends and family. Add our ageing population and parents with prams together with their friends and family, we're talking about the majority of any business customer base! Good access quite simply makes good business sense.

To become a Program Partner, businesses and organisations need to be physically accessible and willing to provide a power point so people who use electric mobility scooters or wheelchairs can recharge their battery. Even if the power point offered never gets utilised, it’s about giving people the confidence to get to and from their destination knowing they have support if needed.

Whether customers use an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair (or have a friend or family member who does), a walking frame, a pram or crutches for a temporary injury, we all benefit from and appreciate good access and a welcoming smile.

The cost to recharge an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair for up to one hour is under 30 cents. So, for a very small cost, businesses in the community can make a very big difference in the lives of people who use an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair.

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In order to support our national expansion, we are seeking sponsors who also wish to grow with the aged and community care industry at a national level. Please contact us to find out more.

RSA is proud to name Physical Disability Australia and Independence Australia as our industry partners

About Independence Australia

The team at Independence Australia is committed to providing prompt and efficient delivery of products to our customers at competitive prices. We are a national company with distribution centres in every state capital and offer access to over 12,000 products supported by professional advice from our clinical nurse advisors.

We supply continence, wound care, nutrition, skin care, vitamins and associated health care products and we are currently contracted to support a number of national and state based funding schemes.

We have an experienced Customer Service Team, giving you support when you need it.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all proceeds from shopping with Independence Australia are directed to providing a range of services for people with a disability.

Contact us today for more information or to place an order:

T 1300 788 855  F 1300 788 811

Online Store

Independence Australia has a new and improved online store.

The online store enables you to view our full range of products, complete with images, detailed descriptions and usage information. The improvements mean that you can see live stock availability, easily reorder products and search for what you need faster.

To view the new online store visit

About Physcial Disability Australia

Physical Disability Australia exists to convince governments to mandate laws and rules that enable the full participation of people with physical disability in all areas of society.


Physical Disability Australia's actions are based on:
the personal experience of disability
information from across Australia
a Social Model of Disability
a powerful belief in the capacities of people with physical disabilities
a determination to effect and initiate change through monitoring, proactivity and creativity


Physical Disability Australia's goals are to:
educate, advise, resource and respond to government
attempt to keep decision makers honest
effect and initiate change
be a united voice
be a grass roots organisation
be a watchdog
be proactive and creative
to voice that disability is normal and therefore we are equal.

Please visit to find out more.

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