RECHARGE Scheme™ Services

The RECHARGE Scheme™ services are proudly brought to you by RECHARGE Scheme Australia Limited (RSA), in partnership with Councils, businesses/organisations and the wider community. Collectively, we are committed to create a more accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment for people when they are out and about using their electric mobility scooter or wheelchair. This includes designated areas for people to safely recharge their electric mobility scooter or wheelchair battery, free of charge. Being a not-for-profit entity means that everything RSA do is about building on our existing work while expanding our services to benefit as many people as possible.

The RECHARGE Scheme™ services were first developed in Victoria. People who use electric mobility scooters or wheelchairs found they were isolating themselves through fear of being stranded by a flat battery. Negotiating steep roads and footpaths mean batteries run low more quickly and deter people from travelling longer distances. The RECHARGE Scheme™ services now offers peace of mind and confidence for people to participate within the community as they choose.

Using our Best Practice framework, businesses and councils are now working in partnership to offer the RECHARGE Scheme™ services. In 2010, the RECHARGE Scheme™ services received a Commendation by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), as part of its 'Bold Ideas, Better Lives Challenge'.

The RECHARGE Scheme™ services' success in community capacity building was also  acknowledged in The Australian Government Productivity Commision's 'Disability Care Support - Inquiry Report' (Vol 1, No. 54, 1/7/2011).

RECHARGE logo stickers are displayed on the windows of participating businesses so you can easily find them. There are also RECHARGE logo stickers placed above or near power points so you can quickly ascertain which power point has been designated for your use. Our Program Partners are proud to offer you welcoming, accessible, inclusive services.
All RECHARGE logos and associated information is consistent so you can recognise it and plan your trip wherever you live, work or visit.
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